We invite you to join #RealityCheckIt and engage your network - and ours - to raise awareness and support for the causes most important to your community. 


#RealityCheckIt is a unique and relatable way for you, local nonprofits and community organizations, to message your immediate needs and seek support. We know you are working to raise your own awareness, but sometimes it is hard to be heard. Join us, a united voice, to tell a cohesive story on community needs.




Join #RealityCheckIt by using the hashtag and tagging RealityCheckIt on your social channels. 




  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Geographically tag your posts by also including a 2-3 letter city code to your hashtag 

e.g. #RealityCheckItDFW

Access to free, customizable social media templates. 

To add customized copy and your organization's logo, open and edit in Adobe Acrobat

By participating, we are excited to call you a partner and share your posts. If you are interested in further support or amplified engagement, email us at

The views and initiatives of any entities that participate in #RealityCheckit, by using the materials it offers or otherwise, do not necessarily represent the views or initiatives of Phillips Foundation. Phillips Foundation makes no representation or warranty regarding the 501(c)(3) status of any such participants. Their participation is not supervised by Phillips Foundation and creates no affiliation with Phillips Foundation.

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