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explain the issues. raise awareness. drive action.

explain the issues.
raise awareness.
drive action.

Three Ways to RealityCheckIt Now!

Looking to give back to the DFW community? Get involved with these local nonprofits and help meet real-time needs, today!

  1. Volunteer Request: Help with summer musical productions.
    GARLAND SUMMER MUSICALS puts together summer musical productions with aspiring performers of all ages as part of a theater training and semi-professional production company. They’re looking for volunteers to usher during shows this summer. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.


  2. Donate Now: Assist mothers in need.
    MOTHERS SHUT IN empowers mothers in need through scholarships, travel experiences, volunteering, and education programs. Donations allow the organization to continue offering scholarships and resources to the community. CLICK TO DONATE.


  3. Volunteer Request: Help keep the Dallas environment clean and safe.
    Greenspace dallas implements trash clean ups, tree planting, and education programs for the public, in order to create a healthier Dallas. They’re looking for volunteers to help pick up debris and trash, as well as planting trees. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

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What We Do

With North Texas organizations facing unprecedented challenges, RealityCheckIt leverages social media to bring immediate attention to local nonprofits, spotlighting urgent needs and real-time calls to action for people looking for ways to get involved.