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In these uncertain times, people want to help.  

Explain the issue. Raise awareness. Invite Action.

Through a unifying social media campaign,  #RealityCheckIt aims to increase visibility for the critical issues during the COVID-19 pandemic based on a local community's needs. The hope is that people are informed and moved to action.  The campaign will live on as long as organizations are continuing to respond to the crisis. 

Download our toolkit and social media assets to begin a clear and direct conversation about what your community needs now. 

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#RealityCheckIt is a social media campaign and strategic initiative created by the Phillips Foundation as a unique and relatable way for local nonprofits to message their immediate needs and seek support during the COVID-19 crisis.


Phillips Foundation is a private family foundation and catalytic capital platform that leverages its assets to maximize social, environmental and financial value.


The views and initiatives of any entities that participate in #RealityCheckit, by using the materials it offers or otherwise, do not necessarily represent the views or initiatives of Phillips Foundation. Phillips Foundation makes no representation or warranty regarding the 501(c)(3) status of any such participants. Their participation is not supervised by Phillips Foundation and creates no affiliation with Phillips Foundation.

TOOLKITS & Creative Assets

We have created free toolkits to help guide you through how to participate in the #RealityCheckIt campaign.

These toolkits have been customized based on your type of organization.  

The main ingredient of our campaign are customizable social media assets for you to use on your social channels. Details of how to download and use these assets can be found in the toolkit.  

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