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explain the issues. raise awareness. drive action.

explain the issues.
raise awareness.
drive action.

Three Ways to RealityCheckIt Now!

Looking to give back to the DFW community? Get involved with these local nonprofits and help meet real-time needs, today!

  1. Volunteer Request: Support positive parenting.
    Engage Positive Parenting Initiative empowers parents to build loving connections with their children, nurturing their unique talents and fostering healthy development. They’re looking for volunteers to help lead discussions with parents. CLICK TO VOLUNTEER.
  2. Donate Now: Help rescued animals get the care they need.
    ALMOST HOME ANIMAL RESCUE works to save abandoned and abused animals in North Texas. Donations allow them to continue providing support for animals in need. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.
  3. Volunteer Request: Help build and repair homes in your community.
    Habitat for Greater Garland tackles substandard housing by building, renovating, and preserving homes. They fight for fair housing policies and empower families to improve their living conditions through training and resources. They’re looking for volunteers to help build and repair homes for the community. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

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What We Do

With North Texas organizations facing unprecedented challenges, RealityCheckIt leverages social media to bring immediate attention to local nonprofits, spotlighting urgent needs and real-time calls to action for people looking for ways to get involved.